Visual Identity - Starter Pack

Our Visual Identity Starter Pack is perfect for new businesses with a small budget who understand the importance of a strong visual identity. This service provides you with a professional and unique logo, designed to grow your business.

Key Outcomes:

  • A unique, high-quality visual identity that will support your business as it enters the market.
  • Professional, high-resolution vector logo files in PNG, JPEG, and EPS formats for versatile use.
  • Pantone and Hex colour codes, a cohesive colour scheme, and suggested fonts for your brand.
  • Access to an online 'Brand Link' page where all files and future developments are stored.


  • Professional, high-resolution vector logo.
  • PNG, JPEG, and EPS logo files.
  • Pantone and Hex colour codes.
  • Colour scheme and suggested fonts.
  • Online 'Brand Link' page for easy file access.

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks from approved brief.

Pricing: Prices exclude GST.


Sale price$2,200.00

How We Work

Step One

Discovery & Onboarding

Engage & Align:
The journey begins with our Discovery & Onboarding stage, a critical phase where we set the foundation for a successful partnership. This step includes initial consultations, workshops, and the establishment of project parameters such as timelines, payment structures, and deliverables. It's a deep dive into understanding your unique business needs, ensuring we are perfectly aligned with your vision and goals. Our goal is to ensure a seamless integration with your team, clear communication, and a thorough understanding of the project's scope.

Step Two

Strategic Research & Analysis

Uncover & Differentiate:
In the Strategic Research & Analysis phase, we immerse ourselves in your brand's world. We conduct comprehensive research to uncover insights about your customers, market position, and competition. This stage is dedicated to crystallizing your brand's unique value proposition and identifying the problems you solve for your customers. The insights gained here will fuel the creative process, ensuring that the work we do resonates with your audience and stands out in the marketplace.

Step Three

Conceptual Presentation & Alignment

Present & Refine:
During the Conceptual Presentation & Alignment stage, we reveal our findings and proposed strategic direction. This collaborative session serves as an interactive platform to ensure that our strategy aligns with your expectations and vision. Your feedback is invaluable here, as it guides the refinement of our approach before we proceed to the hands-on creative development.

Step Four

Creative Development

Create & Innovate:
The Creative Development stage is where ideas take form. Whether it's crafting your brand identity, designing packaging, developing your website, or creating print and promotional materials, this is the phase where our team's expertise shines. We work diligently to translate strategic insights into compelling creative outputs that embody your brand's essence.

Step Five

Refinement Workshop

Collaborate & Perfect:
Our Refinement Workshop is the second interactive stage where we bring forward our creative work. Together, we'll review each element, allowing you to provide feedback and contribute to the final touches. This ensures that every aspect of our creative execution is fine-tuned and aligns with your brand's narrative and objectives before launch.

Step Six

Launch & Completion

Implement & Celebrate:
The Launch & Completion stage marks the exciting culmination of our journey. Whether it's unveiling a new website, introducing your revamped brand on social media, rolling out new packaging, or launching a product, this is where our collaborative efforts come to life. We support you through this critical phase, ensuring a smooth rollout and celebrating the shared success of a project well-realised.

After having frustrating issues with displaying product on our website, we were recommended to contact Cory Carr at Phoenix Rogue for assistance. He took time to understand our requirements and successfully solved our problem. His communications were excellent, and easy to follow, which was greatly appreciated. We would definitely recommend Cory to others.

Deb Salisbury

Cory was absolutely fantastic to work with! He has an incredible ability to draw out of a client what they want and need and hope for in a brand and logo. His communication was top notch and he delivered the project on time. Highly recommend. Very happy with my experience!

Simon Hart

Cory did some product design for my small business that really popped. Loved it. We will definitely be returning.

Damilola Atuge

Cory Carr from Phoenix Rogue was recommended to me to improve my website. He has done an exceptional job I am more then happy with his work. Very clever young man. I wish I found him earlier. Thank you Cory.

Sheree Tunbridge

Cory is very knowledgeable in what he does. Most importantly, he’s fantastic to get on with and always goes the extra mile. Highly Recommend!

Cowan Henderson

Cory done a very good job. Easy to talk, he will listen you to get the best product you are looking for. Very good in communication, he always told me where is at in the process. I recommend Cory easily to everyone.

Pierre Charpente

Branding Services for Every Stage and Budget

Find the Perfect Branding Solution for Your Business

We understand that navigating the world of branding can be challenging, whether you're just starting out or looking to elevate your business. That's why we've created three distinct services to cater to different stages of your business journey and budget. Use this quick comparison guide to find the right solution for you.

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Ideal For

New businesses with limited budget

Growing businesses needing brand refresh

Businesses seeking comprehensive branding overhaul

Key Deliverables

Custom logo design, colour palette, basic brand guidelines

Brand vision, mission, personality, values, tone of voice, key messages, and visual identity

Market research, competitor analysis, brand strategy, social media recommendations, and all elements from previous packages


High-quality visual identity

Cohesive brand identity and enhanced recognition

Fully developed brand with strong market presence

File Formats Provided




Additional Features

Pantone and Hex colour codes, suggested fonts

Points of differentiation (POD), comprehensive brand guidelines

In-depth market research report, competitor pricing guide, brand strategy document

Online Access

'Brand Link' page for file access

'Brand Link' page for file access

'Brand Link' page for file access


4-6 weeks from approved brief

6-8 weeks from approved brief

8-12 weeks from approved brief

Successful Collaborations

Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people

Apple Founder - Steve Jobs

Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people

Apple Founder - Steve Jobs

Crafting Your Brand's Success Story

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